The FirstHigh Tech Labin Central India 0.3 Micron Hepa Filter, Aeroside Filter (Nassa, U.S.A) and Tripple Gas Incubator from Japan.
ConfidentialCounsellingChamber The patient themselves are seated in monitor room to watch the procedure taking place.
Pleasant and Stress FreeStay & Environment Lush green development and soothing quietness.


Sunday, Oct 28, 2012

Santati gets inaugurated

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Why should one come to us!

Making decisions about changing your life can be both exciting and challenging, but we pledge to be with you every step of the way.

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Fertility Services

Santiti Infertility & IVF testtube baby cente is dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of male and female reproductive issues & offers a full spectrum of fertility treatments.

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Donor Program

Egg donor program is offered to females with Premature Ovarian Failure or those with poor quality eggs. In such a case, an egg donor is chosen who donates her eggs which are fertilized with the sperm of the husband.

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Surrogacy program is advised in cases where the woman is unable to carry the pregnancy. The eggs are retrieved from the biological mother and fertilized with the sperm of biological father.

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